The “Variation Nation” webinar series will outline PLM processes for implementing a Dimensional Engineering process, and will demonstrate key software tools that enable you to achieve First Time Quality, on-time product launches, scrap reduction, and the eradication of costly recalls relative to Dimensional Quality.


Learn How to Achieve Dimensional Quality

Get It Right … With First Time Quality

How do you ensure First Time Quality with the launch of a new product?

Manufacturers waste millions of dollars every year chasing and fixing product quality issues. A large percentage of these issues result from dimensional variation, which leads to build problems, late-stage engineering changes, scrap and rework or worse: product failure in the field, recalls, lawsuits, and harm to your corporate brand.

The questions you face are twofold: How do you avoid these pitfalls? Also, how do you remain competitive while adjusting to an industrial landscape driven by compressed timelines and demands for increased quality and lower costs?

Most corporations have processes to improve their structural requirements while reducing weight and improving performance of their products. Its common practice to use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to simulate structural performance in products without building physical prototypes. Allowing faster development cycles, while minimizing risks.

Variation in part manufacturing and assembly processes are unavoidable. The key to success is to design and assemble products in a manner that absorbs, controls, and hides dimensional variations; that mitigates the risks of failing to meet customer expectations and federal mandates; and that assures the parts and assemblies load and function within the capabilities of your production facilities.

Using a Dimensional Engineering process and tools like Siemens’ Variation Analysis (VSA) software, you can improve your quality, improve start of production (SOP) dates, and decrease warranty costs.

Siemens PLM Variation Analysis (VSA) software is that very key.

Geometric Solutions: Your Guide Through Variation Nation

As a user of Siemens’ Variation Analysis software, Geometric Solutions ( is recognized as a national and international leader in 3D Tolerance Analysis. Its three most senior people combine for over 85 years of experience in the Dimensional Engineering field, more than 60 years of which include developing their expertise in 3D Tolerance Analysis.

Geometric Solutions has developed a 10-step Dimensional Engineering process that includes Siemens’ Variation Analysis (VSA) as its most crucial component. Using this process, corporations see immediate ROI related to the dimensional quality of their products. Yours can, too!

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