Variation Analysis Delivers!

Variation Analysis (VSA) creates a 3D prototype that simulates the production build process.

It can create a model to predict any assembly build problems before making any physical parts or cutting any tooling. VSA enables you to analyze the impact of manufacturing processes on design features and tolerances by highlighting the sources and degrees of dimensional variation. It helps you to improve design quality and eliminate costly prototypes while reducing labor, tooling, and metrology costs on the shop floor. It helps reduce the negative impacts of variation on cost, the quality of product dimensions, and time-to-market. It also provides users the capabilities to leverage their digital prototyping and visualization capabilities in both mockup and professional purposes.

The software has an automated Design of Experiments (D.O.E.) tool that helps users to pinpoint the root causes of any build problems and to optimize design, tolerances, and the assembly process in the early stages of product development.

Ultimately, Variation Analysis catches flaws before they make their ways into the tooling and production processes. Users identify dimensional problems early in the design cycle, thus avoiding assembly build and quality issues resulting from excessive variation.

Benefits of Variation Analysis

  • Identifies dimensional problems from excessive variation early in the design cycle, reduces the need for engineering changes
  • Produces a 3D model that clearly Identifies and quantifies variation causes and contributors
  • Offers the ability to create feature-based models before geometry is available, thus helping to drive the design before parts are made or tooling is cut
  • Optimizes production monitoring
  • Reduces manufacturing costs by maximizing allowable tolerances
  • Cuts engineering changes by nearly 30 percent
  • Reduces time to create simulations

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Geometric Solutions: Your Guide Through Variation Nation

As a user of Siemens’ Variation Analysis software, Geometric Solutions ( is recognized as a national and international leader in 3D Tolerance Analysis. Its three most senior people combine for over 85 years of experience in the Dimensional Engineering field, more than 60 years of which include developing their expertise in 3D Tolerance Analysis.

Geometric Solutions has developed a 10-step Dimensional Engineering process that includes Siemens’ Variation Analysis (VSA) as its most crucial component. Using this process, corporations see immediate ROI related to the dimensional quality of their products. Yours can, too!

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Geometric Solutions -, is an award winning Siemens PLM Software Partner specializing in Variation Analysis software, service, support and training.