Learn How to Achieve Dimensional Quality

Topics covered in Episode 1:

How to achieve Dimensional Quality

Objectives and Strategies

  • Build Objectives
  • Build Strategies
  • Dimensional Analysis

Product Design

  • GD&T/PMI
  • Measurement Points

Checking Systems

  • Measurement Plan
  • Checking Systems
  • Inspection

Root Cause Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Lessons Learned

Episode 1:

Introduction to Dimensional Engineering and Variation Analysis (VSA)

Ensure product quality by employing Dimensional Engineering before design release – that’s the value of Variation Analysis software to your manufacturing processes.

Dimensional Engineering is the process of implementing robust designs insensitive to variation. Combined with engineering and computer simulation tools it helps to improve quality and reduce cost through controlled variation.

In this episode you will explore how to apply Dimensional Engineering throughout the Product Development Cycle. Additionally, you will learn about Geometric Solutions’ 10-step Dimensional Engineering process that relies on Siemens’ Variation Analysis (VSA) software as its most crucial component. This episode serves as a springboard from which you’ll launch yourself into an in-depth discussion of the power and capabilities of VSA in the ensuing episodes.

The focus of the episode is how to achieve and apply Dimensional Quality throughout the Dimensional Engineering Lifecycle.

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Previously Aired - Wednesday, August 10, 2016 @ 1pm.

Learn How to Achieve Dimensional Quality

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Geometric Solutions: Your Guide Through Variation Nation

As a user of Siemens’ Variation Analysis software, Geometric Solutions (www.geoplm.com) is recognized as a national and international leader in 3D Tolerance Analysis. Its three most senior people combine for over 85 years of experience in the Dimensional Engineering field, more than 60 years of which include developing their expertise in 3D Tolerance Analysis.

Geometric Solutions has developed a 10-step Dimensional Engineering process that includes Siemens’ Variation Analysis (VSA) as its most crucial component. Using this process, corporations see immediate ROI related to the dimensional quality of their products. Yours can, too!

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